Can you produce glitter UV?

At 4OVER4.COM we look to break the mold when it comes to traditional UV finishes.

Glitter UV is a unique, dense specialty finish that adds pop, sparkle and elegance in any color to any printed piece, including gift cards, credit cards, packaging, retail POP displays, book covers, and greeting cards. With the right skills, discipline and UV coating, glitter can be printed in tight registration. It will enhance your brand without overshadowing, and it and won't rub or flake off like traditional flocked glitter that gets everywhere. Without experience the right equipment and tools, printed glitter can appear super gaudy and cheap.

Glitter UV is not among our standard finishes that we offer on our site, hence you will have to contact our Support Team with all the specs (sizes, paper type, glitter color, etc) for us to review and give you quote on your project. You can contact our Support Team at the link below.

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