Is there a way to add extra protection for outdoor PVC signage?

Updated 6 months ago by Mike Lowell

PVC signage is by default meant to be kept and used for outdoor purposes. PVC boards are printed with UV ink technology making them weatherproof and UV safe. To provide an extra layer of protection, the 4OVER4 Team can apply a lamination to the printed surface of the PVC sign. Laminating is important for any large size prints that are going to be moved and handled repeatedly.  It provides protection for the prints without requiring bulky frames that may be more difficult to transport and ship from site to site.  It gives the print tremendous weather protection as well.

We can laminate your important large size prints to preserve them and to extend their useful life.  Our lamination is a heat treated process that actually bonds the laminating material to the print.  Our process combines a heat and pressure process that is designed to eliminate any bubbles in the process.

There is no option for selecting lamination for 1/8" PVC online, but you can place your PVC sign order and enter a note that you want lamination in the "Got Comments" comments section (found on file upload screen - see visual below), and one of our 4OVER4.COM reps will add that option to your order and advise you as to the additional cost.

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