What is a domed decal and can you produce them?

Yes we can!

Domed Decals give you and your customers the ability to highlight a product or brand with a 3D look! Durable with an ultra clear UV and scratch resistant finish, Domed Decals are built to last with high tack adhesive suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Domed Decal Features

Available Materials for Domed Decals
  • White Vinyl - Permanent or Removable Adhesive
  • Clear Polyester - Permanent Adhesive
  • Bright Chrome Polyester- Permanent Adhesive
  • Brushed Chrome Polyester- Permanent Adhesive

Domed Decals are a custom project and you would need to contact our Support Team to assist in pricing and placing this order. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible for us to be able to get back to you quickly with a detailed response.

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