Can your Frosted or Clear Business Cards print 2-sided?

At 4OVER4.COM, we offer clear and frosted business cards printing only 1-sided on 20-point plastic. These are printed CMYK. Since both of these materials are translucent, or semi-translucent, if you were to print on the backside, the art from back would be viewable through the card and the card would become difficult to read.

With that said, we can print double-sided clear and frosted business cards by printing CMYK + W where we add a white backer in the middle of your artwork to ensure it art from the backside does not bleed through to the other side.

This means you can design your card on both sides without any double exposure.  See a couple of examples below:

Double sided clear business cards is a custom project and you would need to contact our Support Team to assist in pricing and placing this order. Please make sure to provide as much information as possible for us to be able to get back to you quickly with a detailed response.

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