What is a floor graphic comprised of?

Updated 7 months ago by Mike Lowell

The surface you plan on applying the floor graphic to is certainly important, but so is the graphic itself.

All floor graphics are composed of three layers:
  • Adhesive: This is the bottom layer that sticks the graphic to the floor. Some adhesives are made to be easily removable while others are stronger and more permanent.
  • Substrate: This is the layer the graphic is printed on. In most cases, it’s vinyl. Since this layer is contained in the middle, it’s protected on both sides, but the type of material and inks used to print on it will still affect the graphic’s quality overall.
  • Protective coating: On top of the printed graphic, there is a layer of protection — typically, an anti-slip lamination. Since this is the layer that people will be walking on, it can make a significant difference how durable the lamination is made to be. This layer is also made to be a non-slip surface so people can safely walk on it. Outdoor floor graphics may have an even more textured surface.

NOTE: The floor graphics at this link are not meant for carpet or outdoor use (Ie: cement or concrete). Those are available as well as custom quoted projects.

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