One-Click Wind Sign Specs

Wind Sign Quick Specs:

  • Comes with Frame plus 2 Signs
  • Frame Size: 26" x 40"
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Sign Size: Two (2), 24" x 36", prints 4/0 on 4mm white coroplast
  • Easy "Quick-Change" System:
  • Signs easily slide in and out No Tape, Velcro or Screws
  • "Stay-Stabs" keep sign securely in place
  • Same or Different Artwork for the 2 Signs
  • Molded Plastic for Heavy-Duty Outdoor Use
  • Won't Rust, Splinter or Fade
  • Fill with sand or water for Extra Ballast
  • Folds Flat with molded handle

Now that you know all the quick specs about Wind Signs, shop them here !

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