What can I do to help the environment?

You can start by choosing an environmentally committed printer!

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is a good source of information for ensuring your direct marketing is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As part of its Guidelines for Ethical Business Practice, the DMA has published The Green 15: Benchmarking Environmental Progress. The Green 15 provides recommendations in five areas of the direct marketing process.

Paper Procurement & Use:

Paper is both a renewable resource and an important part of the direct marketing process. Making environmentally conscious paper choices can contribute greatly to reducing your overall environmental footprint.

List Hygiene & Data Management:

A "clean" list means less returned or undeliverable mail, less wasted paper, and a higher response rate-a win for the environment and for your bottom line.

Mail Design & Production:

It's not just the paper and other materials you use, it's how you use them. Simple changes to your mail pieces can make them more environmentally friendly and cost effective as well.


Regardless of what marketing channels your organization uses for direct sales, how you package and ship customer orders and other fulfillment commitments is an important environmental consideration.

Recycling & Pollution Reduction:

There are steps you can take in your marketing operations and within your office to reduce your organization's environmental footprint. Encourage your customers to do the same.

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