How many cards come in a free business card order?

Updated 6 months ago by Emma Davis

We currently have two options for free business cards.
  1. The first option is 300 business cards that we will print for free and you only have to pay the standard USPS shipping fee of $5.95.
  2. The other option is 200 free business cards that we will print for free and ship for free, making the order absolutely 100% free!

In order to obtain this completely free offer, you must share the promotion to your social media page when prompted to do so on the shipping screen. See Visuals Attached Below

As part of both of these offers, the 4OVER4.COM logo will be printed on the back of the business cards.

Please note that there is a limit of one order of free business cards per account. For more details and steps feel free to visit our Free Business Cards page.

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