What is the difference between gator board and regular foam core?

Gator Board vs Foam core:

This is one of the more common questions that arise in the large format printing industry. Here at 4OVER4.COM we have the perfect Team to guide you to make the right decision.

Both are foam-based poster board materials that are used for commercial printing. They look similar at first glance, in that they both consist of a foam center with a printable facing on each side. However, they are quite different. Making the rigth choice will depend on how long you intend to use the display. Gatorboard is about 2X the cost of foamcore but is about 2-3X more durable. Foamcore is a much less expensive option but it can dent very easily. If you are changing out your graphics every 6 months or more, we would recommend Foamcore. The print quality is similar for both materials.The choice between gatorboard and Foamcore really comes down to the intended length of use. Printers can place vivid, high-definition imagery on either material. At 4OVER4.COM we can also cut the material to any shape or size. Designers can also laminate either material to add style and durability. So, the real deciding factor is how long you intend to use them for. Foamcore is the cheaper of the two, but it is extremely susceptible to damage. Gatorboard is a bit more costly, but exceptionally durable and moisture resistant.

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