What is the difference between white gloss and white BOPP labels?

White Gloss Labels are made of Paper ; White BOPP labels are made of Plastic

White Gloss labels are paper faced labels while BOPP labels are made of plastic. Because BOPP is made of plastic and not paper, BOPP is water and oil resistant. It is tear-resistant too, making it an excellent choice for uses that might get wet or messy or used outdoors.

While the details of what BOPP is, is better suited for another article:

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene.

In short, BOPP is essentially polypropylene that’s been stretched flat into a thin plastic film. BOPP is oriented with a system that stretches it in two directions. This is where the “biaxially-oriented (BO)” part of BOPP comes from.

At 4OVER4.COM, BOPP labels come standard in both white and clear, but chrome BOPP is also available as a special order.

While white BOPP labels are more expensive than white gloss labels, they are alot more durable, rugged, moisture resistant, product resistant, non-toxic an food safe.

BOPP is perfect for almost any kind of product labeling including bath and body products, food products, cleaning products, cosmetic products and almost any product.

But if you have a simple indoor use label project where all the benefits of BOPP that have been described above are not important for your project, white gloss is a perfect, low cost alternative.

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