Besides paper recycling, what other things does 4OVER4.COM do to promote "green printing" ?

In addition to all our paper and metal recycling,


  • Keep machinery well maintained and in good working order to reduce waste and energy usage.
  • With our chemical-free computer-to-plate technology we avoid using printing products, such as fixer, that contain silver, which is a toxic heavy metal. Furthermore, with our process-free printing plates, we eliminate all processing chemicals and their disposal, which saves water and energy.
  • Use of FSC Certified Papers.
  • Automate wherever possible to reduce production time (and therefore energy consumption) and paper waste.
  • Recycle liquid wastes such as oil.
  • Recycle metal, including all aluminum plating materials.
  • Manage inventory to reduce waste.
  • Minimize paper usage through electronic communications and billing.
  • Invest in energy saving printing presses. Our Ryobi 754 printing presses consume 50% less electricity.
  • Equipment is chosen to be more efficient - faster setup and running speeds ensure more output per Kw of electricity used.
  • Package our products with biodegradable padding materials, instead of petroleum based foam "peanuts" that are not only annoying to gather and dispose of, but also harmful to the environment.
  • Educate our customers on "green printing".
  • Use of water-based aqueous coating to produce high-gloss results, instead of UV coatings which are much less friendly on the environment.

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