Why order a Light Box?

LED light boxes have quickly become a marketing game-changer, yet until recently business owners didn't have any real info on why they're so effective. Here's why:

  • They present your brand in a polished, professional way.
  • They're energy efficient.
  • They reduce your carbon footprint.
  • They're easy on the eyes.
  • They can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
  • They make your promotions visible in spaces that lack light.
  • They don't require constant maintenance.

Compelling Stats

In the retail environment, LED light box signs not only boost foot traffic, they also augment the concession area, store-within-a-store and shop-in-shop experience. They're not merely trendy, they make a difference in gaining the attention of your customers, whether in the retail environment or at a trade show. These signs add vitality to your visual communication efforts, while boosting your communication strategy effectively.

Don't believe us? These compelling stats will convince you:

  • 60% of customers will actually see LED light box signs. Fact is, these signs are attention-grabbing compared to traditional print ads. Think of how many poster ads you glossed over as they didn't catch your eye? LED signs are different!
  • A UK study found 90% of retailers consider LED signs vital for increasing in-store brand awareness. Unlike other in-store displays which customers tune out, LED signs are becoming the face of many businesses and stores.
  • Nearly 60 % of buying decisions are made at the point of sale. Creating emotion in potential buyers, LED signage displaying essentials seal the deal. They maximize customer engagement at the point of sale!
  • LED light box signs ratchet up sales volume by more than 30%. They streamline the shopping experience! As a matter of fact, businesses using these signs within and outside their business report enhanced sales volume.

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