What is the difference between a Basic and Complex Die-Cut Shape?

At 4OVER4 we offer instant online pricing for die-cutting a "basic shape" or a "complex shape". The difference between these 2 options is in the level of complexity and how intricate the shape(s) you want to die-cut are.

A basic shape die-cut is when there is a simpler-shaped outer outline to cut, ex. a circle or oval, or an outline that forms a shape that doesn't contain intricate details. A complex shape die-cut is when the contour contains more delicate details, twists, or multiple bends, as well as when there is interior die-cutting. As an example, the "JOHN DOE PHOTOGRAPHY" business card below not only has a perimeter die-cut to create the card's four rounded corners, but it also has a circle die-cut in the interior of the card.

You can see some examples between the two in the pictures attached below. Our Prepress Team will check your files and advise if anything has to be changed based upon the die-cut design you provided and the shape option you chose. For pricing, or to order die-cut business cards simply click through the textlink. For a complete line-up of all our die-cutting products, please visit this link as well.

Basic/Simple die cut below

Complex shape die cut below

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