Do you offer Freight Shipping?

Yes We Do!

Sometimes due to the weight of your order the most economical method of delivery would be via a freight service. 4OVER4.COM works with a fleet of trucking companies across the US. We can freight any large order to you anywhere in the US if freight delivery is the more cost effective option over UPS Ground. Typically, orders delivered by truck require a loading dock, but that is not set in stone. You can always advise us if a lift gate or inside delivery is needed.

Our online ordering system will only pull up UPS pricing and will not be able to display any freight service pricing. This would need to be done by one of our Shipping Department team members. We work directly with nearly a dozen freight carriers, as well as with freight brokers to always find the absolute best price for our customers. While one trucking service may be great for a haul to Maryland, they very well may not be the right carrier for freight heading to the West Coast or South East. That is why we treat every order as custom and work to get the best possible pricing for your specific order.

If you have a large order that you have placed, or are thinking of placing, or feel the UPS Ground price calculated by our site is too high and there should be a lower cost freight service, please contact us! In many cases, substantial savings can result.

Please reach out to our Support Team to assist you with your request and to get you the best freight pricing.

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