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Our Papers and Finishes Explained
Our Papers and Finishes Explained
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We get it, our extensive line of papers and finishes can get kind of complicated. That's why we've laid out this breakdown of each option we offer. However, the best way to get a sense of these is to get one of our FREE sample packs! Check out this table below for a detailed review of what we can offer you! 70# Uncoated Text A thin, uncoated stock that is most commonly used for letterheads, forms, notepads, or brochures. 80# Gloss Cover A thin, coated stock (shiny appearance) that is most commonly used for brochures and sales sheets. Black Cardstock is Available in thicknesses of 32pt, 48pt, 64pt, and 80pt. This cardstock is a midnight black uncoated stock. The entire stock, including the edges, is black. Spot White Ink can be printed alone or with full-color ink as well. Clear Rigid Plastic Available in 20pt thickness, this clear plastic is transparent plastic. Cream Uncoated Cover Available in 14pt and 18pt thicknesses. Cream Uncoated Stock is an off-white stock that can be written on.

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