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What Is The Difference Between 24 lb and 60 lb Paper?
What Is The Difference Between 24 lb and 60 lb Paper?
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Beyond slight subtleties, there is no differences between the two! Not to complicate matters but there are two standards of numbers used to describe the thickness of text paper. Take 24 lb (#) paper and 60 lb (#) paper. They're the same thickness, same texture, and same weight; they're used for the same thing and interchangeable when you order printing. They're two different names and numbers for the same sheet of paper. 20# is the same as 50#. 24# is the same as 60#. 28# is the same as 70#. 32# is the same as 80#. Standard commerical envelopes such as #10, #9, # 6 3/4 are a great example of something made with 24# WW. For those looking for the long answer: 24 lb (#) and 60 lb (#) paper are called different things because the paper producers use two different manufacturing techniques to make them. Technically, their full names are: 24 lb bond and 60 lb uncoated text.

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