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Does 4OVER4.COM offer a "quality assurance"?
Does 4OVER4.COM offer a "quality assurance"?
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At 4OVER4.COM, we stand strongly behind our work. If a job is unacceptable due to defects in workmanship, we will either reprint it and ship it to you at no cost or issue you a future credit. Please note that the original run must be returned to us and inspected prior to reprinting. This guarantee does not cover customer errors such as low-resolution images, poor photography, or incorrect copy. In accordance with our return policy, we must be notified of any issues within 10 days of receipt. Furthermore, we print to industry-accepted “pleasing color” standards, meaning that we will make every effort to produce a reasonable representation of your job based on your supplied materials but we do not guarantee color matching, so defects due to color matching cannot be honored. However, if a color proof is requested for critical jobs, we guarantee the color proof to match the final printed piece within recognized industry standards. Please note that this guarantee does not cover customer errors.

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