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What are the FSC® On-Product Label - General Requirements?
What are the FSC® On-Product Label - General Requirements?
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"On-product" FSC® labels, like what you would have placed on your printing project, must meet strict graphical size, color and placement rules and must be approved by 4OVER4.COM's certifier prior to going to press. All labels generally must meet the following requirements: Must include the printing company's registration code. This can be placed directly under the FSC logo or in parenthesis after the copyright claim. The following copyright claim must be included: "FSC Trademark © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council.". The logo, whether landscape or portrait, must meet the minimum size requirement - 19 mm across for portrait labels, 11 mm high for landscape labels. The logo is in an approved color and contrast. The "clear zone" is met, an area of white space around the logo itself that is calculated by using twice the height of the FSC® wordmark.

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