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Are your Free Business Cards "really" free?
Are your Free Business Cards "really" free?
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YES! Free Design + Free Printing + Free Shipping = 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE. Our FREE Business Cards are back! To take advantage of this amazing offer and receive your 200 FREE cards you simply need to earn 500 4OVER4 coins! Earning coins is fast and easy. Coins can also be redeemed for other coupons and benefits, as well as Amazon gift cards (coming soon). There are many ways to earn coins in just a few minutes including creating an account, reviewing us on social media, sharing us on social media, logging in daily, and a whole lot more! For a step-by-step guide on how to earn coins visit Your Roadmap to 4OVER4 Coins in Minutes. This page explains all of the different ways for you to increase your coin balance in just a few minutes. To view your total coins please visit your My Influence Rewards Page. ADDITIONAL NOTES: As part of both of these offers, the 4OVER4.COM logo will be printed on the back of the business cards. Please note that there is a limit of one order of free business cards order per account.

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