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What businesses are benefited from the use of Wind Signs?
What businesses are benefited from the use of Wind Signs?
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Using Your Signs for Successful Promotions research conducted by the economic center at the University of Cincinnati found that 60% of businesses who updated their signs saw improvement in transactions and sales. With powerful custom signage, there's no limit to the amount of buzz you can generate. Here are a few examples of how small businesses can take advantage of wind signs for successful promotions: Real Estate Agencies - Sidewalk signs are the must-have solution for real estate agents advertising an open house. Place one at the corner pointing people in the right direction. Boutiques - Spread the word about exclusive giveaways or seasonal sales by putting up sidewalk signs down the street. Wanna really get the word out? Place signs all over town! Restaurants - Lure passersby into your restaurant by showcasing special deals on meals and craft beers or cocktails on an attention-grabbing A-frame sign. Fruit and Vegetable Markets - Announce your most coveted items such as organic eggs and other produce from local farmers. Delis, Order beautifully-designed signs from 4OVER4.COM that feature specialty sandwiches and breakfast deals and place them down the Bakeries/Cafes Create a sign displaying distinctive coffees and teas as well as fresh baked pastries and bread.

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