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Direct Mail Services
Direct Mail Services
What's the difference between First Class and Standard?
What products can be delivered with EDDM?
What is the turnaround for direct mailing?
What is the minimum thickness postcard the Post Office will accept?
What is the minimum number of Direct Mail Postcards I can order?
What is the largest size postcard that can mail at USPS postcard rates and not letter rates?
What is the difference between EDDM print only and EDDM full service?
What is included in 4OVER4.COM’s Direct Mailing services?
What is EDDM full service?
What happens to the remainders that are not mailed out?
What happens if my artwork doesn't qualify for Presorted Automation?
What class of mail is offered?
What are the minimum pieces required for mailing?
What are the acceptable file types for mailing lists?
Tips: Meeting USPS Presorted Automation Standards
Is postage included in the mailing service cost?
How to Choose Between First Class and Standard Rate Mailing?
How much is the Direct Mailing Service Charge
How many addressing lines of copy does your Direct Mail Service Fee include?
How do we pay for postage?
How do we pay for mailing services?
For paper selection - what is the thickest I can print and still be okay with the Post Office?
For direct mail service, are we able to include 2 recipient names?
Do you offer direct mail services?
Do You Offer Direct Mailing for Nonprofits?
Can you direct mail a die cut postcard?
Can we use our own permit instead of 4OVER4.COM's?
Can an extra line be added to the addressing lines?
Can I send you my prints and you handle the direct mailing service for me?