General Questions
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Why are some of these shipping charges for Signs so high?
Where can I order Real Wood Business Cards?
What's the thickness of a Standard 14pt Postcard?
What type of inks do you use to print Large Format Products?
What type of files do you accept for Business Cards?
What type of files do you accept for Appointment Cards?
What should I do if I want to add more sets than is available in the instant price calculator?
What is the minimum size Postcard the USPS will accept for mailings?
What is the maximum size that can be printed on synthethic plastic paper or rigid vinyl?
What is the difference between a single wing and double wing easel back?
What is second surface printing?
What is first surface printing?
What is an easel back?
What is a good thickness for a Business Card?
What does a "SET" mean?
What do the terms "first surface" versus "second surface" mean in printing?
What are the dimensions of a European sized Business Card?
How much do Postcards cost?
How much do Appointment Cards cost?
How long it will take for my Price Match Request to be answered?
How can I get a quote if your site does not have the quantity I am looking for?
How big are 4OVER4.COM's Business Cards?
Do you sell envelopes with your Postcards?
Do you offer any recycled papers to print Postcards?
Do I need to impose my Business Cards 8-up, 10-up or 12-up if they will be printed more than 1 to a sheet?
Can you do Spot UV on a Large Format Print products?
Can I have gold foil or spot gloss UV on Postcards?
Can I get rounded corners on my Postcards?
Can I get rounded corners on my Business Cards?
Are your Postcards recycled?