Besides paper recycling, what other things does 4OVER4.COM do to promote "green printing" ?

In addition to all our paper and metal recycling, We: Keep machinery well-maintained and in good working order to reduce waste and energy usage. With our chemical-free computer-to-plate technology we avoid using printing products, such as fixers, that contain silver, which is a toxic heavy metal. Furthermore, with our process-free printing plates, we eliminate all processing chemicals and their disposal, which saves water and energy. Use of FSC Certified Papers. Automate wherever possible to reduce production time (and therefore energy consumption) and paper waste. Recycle liquid wastes such as oil. Recycle metal, including all aluminum plating materials. Manage inventory to reduce waste. Minimize paper usage through electronic communications and billing. Invest in energy-saving printing presses. Our Ryobi 754 printing presses consume 50% less electricity. Equipment is chosen to be more efficient - faster setup and running speeds ensure more output per Kw of electricity used. 

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