Does 4OVER4.COM follow any recycling policies?

4OVER4.COM is one of the very few online printing companies absolutely committed to the wellness of the environment and many of our loyal clients are on the Green path with us as well. Not only do we recycle 100% of our waste paper, but 4OVER4.COM's policy is to manage inventory and production to minimize waste as much as possible and recycling anything possible. This includes: Paper waste generated during the printing process.. Wood products, such as pallets and off-cuts.. Metal, including all aluminum plating materials.. 4OVER4.COM, like other large printing facilities, generates tons of paper waste, or scrap paper, each year. Printer waste comes in two forms: printed (post-consumer) or unprinted (pre-consumer). The waste we collect at 4OVER4.COM comes from trimmings (also called guillotine waste), overprinting, and rejected printing projects.
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