How can I know that the flips on my 3D Lenticular prints will look fine?

There is really no way to know what the final printed job will look like, but here are some key bullet points that when followed, will ensure the best possible lenticular results. Lenticular Bullet Points: Dark solid colored and/or textured backgrounds work well with this effect. Avoid white backgrounds when possible. White and light-colored areas are transparent, other views/flips will show through white areas causing a ghosting effect. White and light-colored areas only work well if each view has white/light colors in the exact same area. Use bold sans serif fonts and avoid small text. Small, fine and thin types do not work well for 3D Lenticular prints; fonts get distorted through the lens/plastic surface, so the bolder the better. Text that varies from view to view/file to file should NOT overlap, but instead, be in a different position on each view.
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