Important Things to Know about Edge Painted Cards

1. Colors may bleed SLIGHTLY to the surface of the cards, this is most apparent on WHITE cards. 2. Selected color will be applied to all four edges of the printed pieces 3. Large quantity orders and/or multiple sets may result in minor variances to the edge color. 4. Edge Painting is not an exact science. There may be slight variations from any 4OVER4.COM samples received or from previous orders. 5. Custom Colors: For Custom Colors, we do our best to match a CMYK value or PMS, but cannot guarantee an exact match. Also, we cannot match specialty Pantone colors, such as neons, fluorescents, metallics 6. Your design might slightly change the way the edge color turns out. This will be more noticeable with dark and light color backgrounds. We recommend having a solid background color. This difference will be more noticeable when the cards are stacked, but less noticeable once you hold up an individual card by itself
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