Why are there some variances in the color of my edge painted business cards?

Painting edges of a business card requires some basic painting skills and patience. While painting edges is not an exact science and there are various techniques that can be used, it all comes down to couple of important factors that one has to be aware of: Specific technique that is used for applying the paint onto the edges,. Quality of the paint used,. Quality and absorption of the paper it is painted on,. The amount of ink that is being applied on the paper. Skillets and experience that the person applying the color has,. Room temperature while applying the paint,. An eye for the details. As one can see, there are many layers to the process of edge painting. At 4OVER4 we are using the most sophisticated equipment for painting the edges. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in handling large qty of orders across many paper types. We also have a dedicated room with constant flow of air and constant temperature where we are applying the paint after the cards are printed. Color…
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