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Can I place a reprint but change the size or product?
Can I place a reprint but change the size or product?
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REORDER WITH CHANGES: Yes, in the case that you want to reorder with modifications to the original order, log into your account and look under your order history. Once there, locate the order you wish to reprint and select the option of "reprint" from the drop-down menu at the far right. Once you select "reprint," you can edit the order details such as size, quantity, and paper type. Once you have made the changes, follow the prompted steps to complete the order. For further explanation please watch the video below. PLEASE NOTE: If you want to change your size you will be able to do so as long as the new size is still within the range of the product's available size offerings. For example, if you are reordering a postcard, the size must be no smaller than 3" x 3" and no larger than 6" x 11". If your new postcard size was 6.5" x 11", larger than the maximum size available under the postcard category, you will not be able to continue with your "reorder with changes".

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