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Checkout & Shipping
Checkout & Shipping

Will I always receive exactly the quantity I order?
Why was my order returned to you?
Why was I charged a UPS address validation fee?
Why is the customer pickup option not available for my product?
Why is my delivery estimate so long?
Why is my customer's address not accepted by your website?
Why is customer pick up not available for a specific product?
Why did my order ship sooner than expected?
Why are some items shipped separately?
Where can I check shipping transit times?
When will my order be shipped?
When will I get it?
What size of boxes you have available for shipping?
What methods of shipment do you offer?
What is your turnaround time?
What is the maximum number of locations I can split ship my order to?
What is the difference between the four UPS shipping options that you offer?
What is shipping time?
What is blind shipping?
What happens when I supply you with the incorrect shipping address?
Why can't you deliver or ship to my PO Box?
What are the benefits of choosing messenger as a shipping option?
Is there ever a chance that my order will arrive later than expected?
I need my order delivered ASAP, can I pay extra for faster shipping?
How secure is all your packaging?
How much does shipping cost?
How many different shipping addresses can I add for one order?
How long will it take to receive my order?
How long does it take for me to get the proof for my job?
How is the shipping cost calculated?
How is my order shipped?
How do I know if my order has been completed?
How can I track my order?
How can I receive an update on my order status?
How can I get my order even faster?
How can I get the tracking numbers of a split order?
Does your turnaround time include shipping?
Does 4OVER4 ship to PO boxes?
Does 4OVER4 offer split shipments for the same order?
Does 4OVER4 offer a pricing or weight guide for shipping?
Does 4OVER4 combine shipments?
Do you ship to Canada and internationally outside the US?
Do you offer blind shipping for all orders?
Do you offer Saturday Delivery?
Do you offer Messenger Service to Long Island?
Do you offer Freight Shipping?
Do you offer Messenger Service to Staten Island?
Do you deliver overseas?
Do you accomodate special shipping requirements?
Do all of my shipping addresses have to be in the same state?
Can you send out my products if I provide you with a mailing list?
Can you rush my order?
Can you merge multiple orders and ship them together?
Can you deliver my order on an exact date?
Can I use my own shipping account?
Can I use my Fedex account to ship my orders?
Can I use USPS as my shipping method?
Can I update my shipping address on an existing order?
Can I split shipping if I order more than one product?
Can I track my order on your website?
Can I split my order and ship to multiple addresses?
Can I split my postcard order into multiple lots?
Can I require someone to sign for my order when it arrives?
Can I pickup my order at your facility?
Can I pick up my order for Lenticular cards?
Can I change/edit a shipping address after placing an order?
Can I change the shipping speed or method?
Can 4OVER4 drop ship a package to my customer?
Are there any fees for picking up my order?
Are there any fees for picking up my order?