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How to setup my file for Die-Cutting?
How to setup my file for Die-Cutting?
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All orders must include your CMYK file and the die-cut file. The Die-Cut File must be created as a vector and saved as either an EPS or PDF. Besides your CMYK file, your uploaded custom die-cut file must represent the cut line. The Die-Cut File must be only in 100% black at either.5pt or 1pt thick. The bleed must be 0.125" from the cut line on all sides. When ordering, choose the size that best fits your needs and upload the CMYK file as well as the Die-Cut Shape File. Order your custom die-cut product here. When creating the die-cut file, make sure you leave some space between text or any design elements and the die line. You don’t want to have anything important cut off by the die. When submitting your file to us you can submit all your artwork in one file if you have the die line set up on its own layer. However, if you want to be extra careful, you can submit two files—one with your complete CMYK artwork (you can include the die line if you want) and one with just your die line.

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