What is a kiss-cut sticker sheet?
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Stickers that come on sheets are also known as kiss-cut stickers. Kiss-cut is a type of die-cutting which refers to machines cutting aka “kissing” only the surface of the sticker sheet without penetrating the backing. This allows the sticker to be peeled off the sheet while the backing remains intact. Kiss-cut stickers are typically offered for smaller size stickers that we cannot cut with regular equipment. For example, if a client wants a 1 x 1 inch sticker, we cannot offer it as an individual-cut sticker. Some standard circle and oval sizes are also offered as well. The minimum is 25 QTY (this refers to total stickers provided and NOT sheets). For sizes not available for selection, the kiss-cut sheets will need to be created
from scratch, and it becomes a custom kiss-cut order instead.

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