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Stickers & Labels - General
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What’s the difference between a sticker and a label?
What type of files do you accept for Stickers & Labels?
What sizes and shapes are offered for labels?
What is the minimum I can order for a custom-sized sticker?
What is the difference between white gloss and white BOPP labels?
What is the difference between clear gloss and clear matte permanent adhesive
What is a kiss-cut sticker sheet?
What is a pressure sensitive label?
What is Prop 65 labeling requirements?
What are the stickers/labels made of?
What are repositionable labels?
What are Tamper Evident Labels and can you produce them?
Is the white vinyl permanent material on your labels waterproof? Can it be used for outdoor applications?
I see you have Reflective Adhesive Vinyl products, but do you sell Reflective Labels?
I am interested in the premium wine labels and wanted to know if they are waterproof?
How to Pick the Right Size for Your Custom Die Cut Roll Label?
How sticky and durable are the stickers and labels?
How much bleed is required for your labels?
How long will stickers last?
Does sell clear or transparent stickers?
Does 4OVER4.COM offer liner printing ; ability to print on the back liner of a label ?
Does 4OVER4.COM offer holographic foil stamping on labels?
Does 4OVER4 sell clear or transparent stickers?
Can you print labels for the Cannabis Industry?
Can you print clear QR code stickers?
Can you perforate labels?
Can you make the core on roll labels smaller?
Can the stickers and labels be for items that are refrigerated or frozen?
Can the design be printed on the adhesive side?
Can I write on the stickers and labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce scented labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce scratch off labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce piggy-back, or piggyback labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce booklet labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce glow-in-the-dark stickers?
Can 4OVER4.COM produce double-sided stickers?
Can 4OVER4.COM do embossing or foil stamping on labels?
Can 4OVER4.COM print QR Codes on labels?
Are your labels weatherproof?
Are your stickers removable?
Are there any differences between a label and a sticker?
Are the stickers and labels waterproof?
Are there any differences between a label and a sticker?
Are the stickers and labels waterproof?