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What is SWOP?
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SWOP is an abbreviation for the recommended Specifications for Web-Offset Publications. SWOP standards are a set of specifications for color proofing that is used to ensure the consistency of color appearance between different print jobs. In short, SWOP defines the density of the four inks, namely CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW, and BLACK (CMYK) that are printed, so that what prints on paper can match the supplied color proof. All our color-proofing devices are calibrated to SWOP standards. All proofing systems must be calibrated to these standards or the printed piece will not appear as anticipated. Unless you have a high-end color proofer and have run SWOP color calibration software, there is no guarantee that any color proof you create will look exactly like the final printed piece. In particular, color inkjet and laser prints, are known to look substantially different than offset printing.

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