I shared on social media and I'm not getting the free shipping. Can you help me, please?

Here are some Troubleshooting Tips if the shipping price does not change to $0 after sharing on Social Media TROUBLESHOOTING TIPS:. Go to your Shopping Cart to make sure you have selected "Free Business Cards" and not some other business card product by accident. Check also to make sure that the quantity selected was 200, and not any other quantity. Only the 200 quantity is entitled to free shipping after sharing on Social Media. Check to make sure you only have one (1) "Free Business Card" item in your cart. Refresh the page and proceed to try to share on social media again. If the shipping discount is still not applied, please continue placing your order and checkout. Then contact our Support Team and we will resolve the issue for you. You will not be charged anything at checkout. Contact Support Team.
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