Want your next job to carry the Forest Stewardship Council logo/label?

Here's how the process works at 4OVER4.COM: Discuss your desire to print the FSC® logo on your next job with a 4OVER4.COM production professional. When designing your project, be sure to leave room for the FSC® logo, which we will place in your file for you. It is a requirement of our certification that we place the appropriate FSC® logo with our certification code directly in your file. Your production professional will place the FSC® logo in your file, and you will receive your free online proof with the FSC® logo in place. A copy of this same proof and additional paper tracking information will be sent for approval to our FSC® certifier, who will verify that the correct FSC® claim label is being used for your project, that the logo standards are met, and that our tracking of the paper is in order. This approval process typically takes less than a day. Once approved, your files will be released for plating, subject of course to YOUR approval of the free online proofs prepared for yo…
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