What is the difference between Die-Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers?

With Die-Cut Stickers we cut the entire sticker to be any custom shape that you select. Our machines will cut both the sticker (printable face) and the backer/liner to that shape as individual stickers. Your die cut stickers can be any size or shape you desire, and our art team will help to ensure that your die-cut path is clean and cuts smoothly for a professional custom sticker. Kiss Cuts are light surface cuts on your sticker. Using the same method as die cutting, a custom shaped blade is used to cut through the sticker or label, but not through the back-liner. Since Kiss Cuts DO NOT cut the backing material, the kiss cut shape peels off the sheet leaving the excess sticker material attached to the back liner that is discarded. When you have multiple kiss cut stickers on a larger size sheet, that is often referred to as a sticker sheet.
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