Will my printed job look exactly like it does on my computer monitor?

(1) Monitors use RGB colors (red, green, blue) to display any colors. All printing presses print full-color images using CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). Because RGB has a larger color range than CMYK, you can create colors in RGB that do not exist in CMYK. These colors are said to be "outside the CMYK color gamut". (2) If you created a file in Photoshop is in CMYK mode, then your monitor is still using RGB colors to display the CMYK colors. Secondly, because it is on a screen, the printed product may vary from what is shown on the screen. Colors viewed on computer monitors may vary significantly from the appearance of the final printed piece. DO NOT TRUST the colors on your monitor unless you have a monitor that has been accurately calibrated to SWOP standards. Please keep in mind that 4OVER4.COM does not guarantee color matching. If precise color matching is critical, we strongly recommend purchasing a hard copy color proof from 4OVER4.COM
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