Why does a commercial printer need to be FSC® certified?

In order to ensure that the FSC®-certified paper that is received by printers and ships to you, our customers, maintains the integrity of the claim on the label, the FSC® has established a certification called Chain-of-Custody certification. Chain-of-Custody certification is for supply chain tracking from the forest to the printer, though each company is responsible only for tracking FSC products from purchasing to shipping within their own operation. Certification is a public verification that you have the procedures in place to ensure that FSC certified paper will not be mixed with non-certified paper. For any printed piece to display any FSC trademark (the logo, the initials FSC® or the phrase 'Forest Stewardship Council'), the printing company absolutely must have chain-of-custody certification. 4OVER4.COM Cert No. FSC® C013635
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