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Why does my business card crack around the edges?
Where can I get inspiration for a design?
What's the difference between the JPEG and TIFF formats?
What resolution should my files be?
What kind of changes can I request for my proof?
What is the process for creating a custom shape/order?
What is the preferred format to send files to 4OVER4.COM?
What is the process for creating a custom shape or order?
What is banding?
What is a print-ready PDF?
What is a bleed?
What is "rich black" and how can I can produce it?
What if my artwork is low quality?
What if I want to print with more than 4 colors?
What file types do you accept?
What does PDF stand for?
What does "4/0", "4/1", or "4/4" actually mean?
What do I do if the shape I desire is not on the product page?
What are your recommended file sizes for images and photos?
What are the differences Between High Quality Print & Press Quality PDF presets in Adobe Acrobat?
What are some common factors that prevent a file from being Print-Ready?
What are bleed, trim, and safety areas?
Typography, Text, and Line Art
Rather than using your templates, do you have a graphic designer that can design something for me?
Photo Size and Resolution
Photo Color Settings
My image is 72 dpi, is that ok?
Line Art and Text Recommendations for Spot UV and Foil
Is there an extra charge for bleeds?
If I upload a RGB profile, will the proof have pretty accurate colors to what will be printed?
If I have a border or carefully centered graphic as part of my design, are they going to be ok?
I need help designing my business card
I have a design already, but it doesn't seem to fit your template. What can I do?
I have a border or carefully centered graphic as a part of my design, are they going to be ok?
I designed my files, but I'm not sure if I did it right. How can I find out?
I created my files in a program other than the ones indicated on your site. What do I do?
I am having trouble uploading my files, what should I do?
How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?
How will my printed cards look when viewed up close?
How much space should be left for bleed?
How do I upload my files?
How do I upload multiple images when ordering?
How do I set up my artwork for full bleed printing?
How do I make sure that my blues do not print purple?
How do I increase the resolution of my artwork?
How can I send you a file with my fonts?
How can I save my Adobe Photoshop file as a PDF?
How can I prepare PDFs for 4OVER4.COM or other print service providers?
How can I package InDesign projects for printing & sharing?
How can I make a file 300 dpi?
How can I indicate a cut line in my artwork?
How can I find the DPI of my artwork?
How can I export a hi-res printable PDF correctly?
How can I create high-resolution print-ready PDFs using Acrobat DC?
How can I create a print ready PDF file in Adobe Illustrator?
How can I create PDFs from text and image files?
File Formats
Does 4OVER4.COM offer design services?
Do you offer slits (ex: for jewelry hanging)?
Do I need to send a print-ready PDF or can I just send a standard PDF?
Creating and Saving Designs: The Basics
Design Color Settings
Can you resize my artwork for me?
Can you print pantone colors?
Can you print RGB colors?
Can I use my own logo, designs, and photos?
Can I send you documents created in MS Word or Powerpoint?
Can I request a change after I approve my proof?
Can I have a frame or border around my image?
Can I get a template of a product I can't find on the website?
Black and White
Are Templates Available for Download?The Download Templates section is a user-friendly section on our website where you can access an array of templates for your desired product